• Working For a PCD Pharma Company – An Amazing Career Option

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    Medical reps work for companies that manufacture and market pharmaceutical drugs and other such products. These companies are known as pharma franchise companies. The chief aspect of their job is to visit prospective buyers for the products and introduce the products to them. The prospective buyers can be doctors, pharmacists, nurses and over the counter medicines sellers. Working for a PCD Pharma Company – an amazing career option or not?

    Working For a PCD Pharma Company – An Amazing Career Option

    If you have a good skill set with the basic knowledge of drugs, preferably a degree in science and strong marketing skills with excellent communication and want to make your career in the marketing field, it is highly recommended that you contact a PCD pharma company. Such companies are always in great need of skilled professionals and offer handsome salary packages with added incentives as per the sales.

    Work profile of a medical rep
    As a medical representative, a person is assigned an area in which he has to look for potential clients and approach them for promoting the products. The success of the rep greatly depends on his skill set plus the market reputation of the producer company. Thus, choosing a trustable and well known pharma producer is very important. In addition, other duties that you will have to perform as a medical rep are:

    • Bringing together effective marketing material for the products
    • Figuring out your target clients in the given area
    • Preparing presentations for conferences
    • Organizing meetings and conferences with higher professionals in the healthcare industry
    • Building and maintaining strong relationships with clients
    • Building up a strong sales team
    • Keeping an eye on the competitors in the market
    • Keeping record of the sales and sale targets
    • Reporting to the next level official regarding the sales in the given time

    Choosing your area and product list

    As per your knowledge, interest and experience (if any), you will have to choose a particular area of medicine to serve. With time, you will obtain more and more knowledge of your field which will enhance your performance. While in most of the cases, the pharma franchise company will assign you a product list, some companies let you choose the products you want to promote. In the later case, a little market research can be of great help.


    There is absolutely no limit to how much you can earn in this industry. It all depends on your skill set and dedication. Want to apply for a job right now? Start from here.

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