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  • Great Opportunities for Pharma Franchise Companies in the coming time

    Apr 21,2017 blog 0 comment

    According to the latest reports by Forbes, pharmacy stands upright on the second position while enlisting the top twenty industrial sectors with the greatest job opportunities; the hospitalist being the first. In India, there has always been a huge...

  • Want To Explore The PCD Pharma Field? Start From Here

    Mar 8,2017 blog 0 comment

    To enter into the biz world or give a refreshing start to your business, knowing the current information about the industry is the first step forward. If you are a budding entrepreneur and are considering pharma franchise business as an option, here...

  • Make Your PCD Pharma Franchise Business a Success With These Tips

    Jan 22,2017 blog 0 comment

    If you are thinking of owning a franchise company or starting off your career as a marketing professional for a pharmaceuticals producer, you need not follow the traditional way. Your success as a PCD pharma franchise company depends on a lot of...

  • Demonetization and Its Effects on the Indian PCD Pharma Sector

    Dec 22,2016 blog 0 comment

    The emphasis on maintaining ethics in the pharmaceutical sector has never been more significant due to the increasing use of unethical methods. A universal fix for this issue has been launched by the government of India which is better known as...

  • Working For a PCD Pharma Company – An Amazing Career Option

    Oct 17,2016 blog 0 comment

    Medical reps work for companies that manufacture and market pharmaceutical drugs and other such products. These companies are known as pharma franchise companies. The chief aspect of their job is to visit prospective buyers for the products and...

  • Find Out the Best Position for You in the PCD Pharma Industry

    Sep 21,2016 blog 0 comment

    Working as a pharmaceutical sales representative is a challenging yet rewarding job. It comprises of dealing with the highest educated people by letting them know how they can obtain the best results from their patients by using your products....

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