Top 10 Pharma Franchise Companies in India

Top Pharma Franchise Companies in India- The Pharmaceutical is a developing industry in India, contributing great to the GDP of the country. It is likewise a decent zone as well in the event that you are thinking to put your cash in the pharma segment. Pharmaceutical industry means to grow more in coming years, India holds the 73% of Pharma Industry. Today, there are a number of companies emerging in this sector, so let’s find the top pharma companies of nowadays to look for the superior products and services as well.

Aurobindo Pharma


Aurobindo came into existence in 1986 and is headquartered in Hyderabad. It produces the finest products in the industry offering an exceptional range for promoting healthy lives. The company aims to generate the total revenue of USD 6-billion in this year. Further, it has made into the list of top pharma franchise companies due to its quality of product and affordability.



Cipla has become a leading brand in India and is known for the best range of products which are acclaimed nationwide. It is an Indian multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company whose products are high affordable and in huge demand. It also provides pharma franchise in all the major cities of the country. You can check the growth of the company through its YouTube channel.



The organization stands fifth in the rundown with the nearness in the 40 nations around the globe. The organization is having 12000 representatives around the globe who buckle down. The organization anticipates producing new atoms to bring something new and more viable which could improve the life for the patients.

Lupin Pharmaceutical


Lupin Pharmaceutical is headquartered at Mumbai which is impressively known as among the international brands in the pharma industry. It provides the best range of products in the fields of anti-asthma, diabetology treatments, oncology, cardiology, central nervous system, antibiotics and gastroenterology. The company is originated in 1968 with an aim to offer the best of pharma products.

Mankind Pharma


In the recent years, pharma companies have shown a great advancement. As per IMS Health, it is ranked as the 4 best companies in India. The company aspires to aid the community in living a healthy life through: formulating, developing, commercializing, and delivering affordable & accessible medicines that meets the urgent medical needs of the individuals.

OPI Group


OPI Group is a company that performs the work on the basis of its commitment to serve the mankind with the exclusive quality of products. It has its own pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and also has six other divisions that support the production process in an effective manner. To grab a look about their plant and manufacturing process, watch the video at YouTube.

Orange Biotech


When it’s about Orange Biotech then it is the superior of all pharma companies in India. The company is not manufacturing drugs, it believes in delivering healthy lives to the individuals to live a quality and healthy life. The company is very famous for it amazing pharma franchise opportunities that helped interested individuals to start their career in the industry.

Sun Pharma


Sun Pharma is among the best leading pharma companies in India having 30,000 employees and offer more than 2000 products which are huge as compared to various other companies. This is the company that offers good quality products to promote the lives of the individuals.

Torque Pharma


Torque is also a renowned name in Indian pharmaceutical companies. It delivers a large range of products with supreme manufacturing quality. The company claims to the market the finest drug and pharma products in the market. Moreover, it is always on the top list to go hand in hand with the latest technology and constant innovation.

Zydus Cadila


In the year 1952, the company got established in Gujarat. The company has great industrial sites which are near about 20 throughout the nation. It holds the expertise in dermatological products and OTC products. Further, it produces generics for hepatitis C treatment and is one of the leading producers in the therapeutic segments such as respiratory, pain management and in cardiovascular section.