Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) are a group of drugs whose main action is a pronounced and long-lasting reduction of gastric acid production.

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An injection is an method of putting fluid into the body, usually with a syringe and a hollow needle ,pierced through the skin to a sufficient depth into the body.

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An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. It occur when a person's immune system reacts to harmless substances in the environment.

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With our domain expertise, we specialize in the distribution of Haematinic Tablets such as Ferlic-XT Tablets. These Haematinic Tablets are obtained from

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The business world of the PCD Pharma Company in India is certainly thriving nowadays. Pharma segment in India has been developing at a great rate, and there are many organizations associated with this business. The model of PCD or Propaganda Cum Distribution is unquestionably very lucrative for the investors. If you’re looking for the best and safe way to invest your money, in the present time, PCD Pharma business can be a brilliant choice to consider. To help you go with the best option, here is a list of top ten pharma companies in India that you can consider to kick-start your pharma business.

1. Vibcare Pharma

The highly professional company offers dedicated services to the customers to help them attain a healthy life. The range of pharma products is manufactured to impress you to the core and feel healthy.

2. Ambit Bio Medix

It provides an extensive variety of products for customers, which will help you to make your business an amazing accomplishment in the social insurance industry in India. These days, we have crossed a few breakthroughs to develop as one of the main Pharma organizations in India.

3. Progressive Life Care

Progressive Life Care is a Gujarat based pharma organization and has been positioned in the best pharma franchise organizations. It serves the market with more than 200 product range. The organization gives the PCD Pharma Franchise in the diverse piece of the nation to promote healthy lives. Besides, the organization offers the promotional backup with the great advertising strategies.

4. Fossil Remedies

The organization has its central command in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. Fossil Remedies has influenced its essence among the rundown of driving Pharma Franchise companies. The organization fabricates and market more than 1200 Pharma items and give more than 200 product range. Without any thought, you can effectively invest in this company.

5. Orange Biotech

One of the foremost pharma companies in India, committed to delivering an exclusive range of superior quality products offered at an affordable range. The company strives to promote the quality of life while ensuring reliable franchise programs to the individuals.

6. Sun Pharma

Mumbai-based pharma company, Sun Pharma is renowned in the industry for delivering high-quality pharma products. A well-established company, started in 1983 has gained good success all over the world. It is a rapidly growing company in India as well as in foreign grounds because of the high capitalization, presence, staff and quality products.

7. Mankind Pharma

This is one of the most mainstream Pharma organizations in India, and positively one of the quickest developing also. From acne creams to anti-microbial, anti-biotic, this organization gives nearly everything to meet the pharma requirements.

8. Radico Remedies

The company is among the new players in the Pharmaceutical business who have picked up a ton of acknowledgment everywhere throughout the nation with their great pharmaceutical products. They are committed to making the nation a solid one.

9. Green Cross Remedies

With a total experience of 20 years, this ISO affirmed PCD Pharma Company offers moral based PCD Pharma franchise opportunity to merchants, wholesalers and medical delegates from all finished India to get PCD Pharma Franchise with 100% monopoly.

10. Angiolife Healthcare

This Pharma Company is situated in Chandigarh, and is amongst the most dynamic names around here. Known for making great medications, this organization has dependably been one of the prime options for PCD business.

Pharma Franchise

Franchise business in the pharmaceutical segment is prospering like anything with an open economy in India. Many individuals are coming up for a pharma franchise business for its lucrative returns. With a tremendous alternative for setting up a pharma franchise company, its truly turns into an overwhelming assignment to choose the best and true pharma products or organizations to apply for an establishment.

Likewise, it’s hard to get a franchise from exceptionally presumed brands and the majority of the general population are unconscious about the less-prominent brands in the pharmaceutical industry that are generally very beneficial. Therefore, it is necessary to check out the list of the best and renowned pharma along with the most recent updates about their operations and business area. Exploring through a rundown can profit intrigued people to choose a potential pharmaceutical company and venture out setup his own pharma establishment organization.

Suitable Benefits Of Attaining The Reliable List

An updated list of pharmaceutical manufacturers enables individuals to discover different pharmaceutical particle producers, alongside their organization subtle elements. This additionally causes individuals to think about the overarching plan of action of the pharmaceutical products and the range alongside attractiveness of the items. This aides in business arranging when somebody is pondering setting up his own pharma franchise business.

Besides, such pharma franchise company list additionally offers you nitty gritty data about the current establishments in a specific region for a specific pharmaceutical product. This aid in evaluating the attractiveness and capability of the current market for acceptance of another item or contending over existing items. Such insights help in the arrangement of a pharma circulation and promoting organization with the establishment of presumed producers.

Checking Out The Internet

With such a significant number of benefits related to a refreshed rundown of the Pharma Franchise Company, its basic to know where one can benefit such records. Looking on the web can help in getting a few sites which offer dependable records for pharma establishment business setup.

Attempt one today!

Still, looking for a support to choose the reliable PCD Pharma Company to obtain franchise? Get in touch with Orange Biotech today. It is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India offering quality franchise opportunities to the individuals, providing them exceptionally manufactured pharmaceutical products at very affordable prices. To know more about the services, you can explore the website today!

Pharma Franchise

Look for the true guidelines that help you choose the best and renowned Pharma Company to be a part of it. Take a look and know the right way to attain Pharma Franchise for futuristic growth and development.

Pharma Franchise


Pharma Franchise

In the recent days, each and every PCD Pharma Company in India is searching for different ways and approaches to get more clients. Therefore, it is necessary to look after valuable ways for Pharma Franchise advertising. As, there are a number of Indian PCD Pharma Companies, thus, to stand out among the most, one should bring focus to every possible aspect of advertising to achieve the heights of success.

Effective Support From Medical Representative

You need to choose your medicinal delegate for the distributor’s domain. You give therapeutic delegate the responsibility to take control of their activities. You have to do work as good associations do. The refinement will be that compensation and expenses will be paid by your vendor. You can increase some degree augment in net rates since you are achieving more work. This offers great advantages that help you rise amazingly such as:

  • Colossal vendors will pull in viably. They won’t have to get ready and select restorative delegate. They can cover more Pharma Franchise Company in Indian zones without considering the labor. They ought to contribute money simply that they have. Work will be totally moral, so there will be insignificant chances of reprimanding of association name. They will have a complete gathering to propel the PCD Pharma Association.
  • The Restorative Representative will be in your control paying little notice to you are paying them or not. You can pressurize therapeutic operators and traders both accessible to be bought and target.
  • Not in any manner like direct foundation displaying, you will have full control of your arrangement and target. You won’t depend on at a solitary trader, you can change your distributor Moreover, in light of the way that therapeutic representatives at your control.

Using Social Networking

In today’s time, web-based social networking is an extraordinary device for checking. It offers an easy and effective way to reach your targeted customers. Facebook gives the workplace of the upheld post. You can easily pay focus to your advertisements as there is almost every person is using this platform. You can run your advancement or promotion to Pharma publicizing individuals, authorities, and wholesalers. This is very useful to you to draw the attention of considerable merchants and specialists.

Being a renowned Pharma Franchise Company, we at Orange Biotech offers exclusive services to the customers to enhance their reach while increasing their sales. Connect with us to know more!

Pharma Franchise

Other than the nearby business part, Indian pharma associations similarly have a tremendous chunk of their salaries starting from charges. While some are focusing on the generics advertise in the US, Europe, and semi-coordinated markets, others are focusing on custom gathering for pioneer associations. Biopharmaceuticals is in like manner continuously transforming into a zone of intrigue given the diverse quality in amassing and confined competition.

In the Indian circumstance in 10 years the Pharmaceutical business has seen a sea change in the way it uses to be run. The customary business methods are being changed with new innovative methodologies for business capable with the present brisk changing business circumstances in various divisions. Today, more people are joining the millionaire club in India and the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has expected a key part other than IT. Today, more adolescents are set up to put it all out there on business and are moving from ordinary specialist to rapidly developing Employer.

This all has been made possible through another and rapidly creating pharmaceutical business Opportunity known as PCD (Propaganda Cum Distribution). PCD Pharma business is a faultless merger between an Investor and a Good Worker. The Investor puts in cash becoming new and creative things, keeping up the stock and helpful supply of stock where as a Good Worker focuses on his nature of offers achieving an impeccable merger.

The best thing about PCD Pharma Company is its offering, it offers the flexibility of choosing the products and services of your own choice and ways to promote the business in an effective way. In the recent days, pharma franchise business has changed the pharmaceutical industry to a great extent, offering numerous opportunities to the business personals. It has examined that in the coming years, the pharma franchise business will touch the new statures and will nourish the individuals with the opportunities to wind up richer while helping the India to rise and sparkle.

If looking for such opportunities, get in touch with Orange Biotech Pvt. Ltd. today. It is one of the leading companies in India providing exceptional services to the individuals to excel in this industry.

Pharma Franchise

Life is changing each day, every minute where no one can preclude the significance of effective medicines. The requirement for health supplements to the healthcare products, the pharma business has covered everything under its shade. The thought of establishing a pharma franchise company is one of the fruitful plans which have been valued everywhere throughout the world for its incredible development and profit it brings.

The Pharma industry is blossoming with a pace, where Indian market is getting benefitted with a huge success in pharmaceuticals. The target growth calculated is 55 billion US dollars by 2020 which is the greater part of the worldwide pharma industry. No matter what is the current economy of the country, this is the industry that will always serve the country without a slowdown. So, if you want to have a flourishing Pharma Franchise Company, find out the numerous benefits you will get from owning a pharma franchise business.

Minimum Risk Involvement

As there is no investment, the hazard factor included is altogether less. Being included in a PCD Pharma establishment is an extraordinary choice for a man who is looking to own a business all alone, yet does not have a satisfactory cash for subsidizing the same.

Growth Prospects

In the event that you are an organization of pharmaceutical area, however, with constrained assets and abilities to hold the request, at that point establishment can be the best choice you can make to develop your business wide. By choosing a decent Pharma Franchise Company, you secure your business for higher objective accomplishment and openings in the future.

Exceptional Earnings & Profits

The profits are overwhelming with every passing year. The business does not require colossal organization cost or promoting expense to selling cost. On the off chance that you settle on the choice astutely while picking the correct item for yourself, you will realize that you save money on many expenses. As the business increases, you begin to procure great returns which will transform into benefits. Then again, if subsidizing was an issue, the organization bears everything for you through loan facilities.

Huge Product Portfolio

Top pharma companies have a huge list of products in their portfolio. This offers pharma franchisees a wide exhibit of choices while taking into account the market needs. What’s more, most pharma organizations are on an extension binge and need to renew their product portfolio. This gives franchisees access to another and exciting range of products.

Monopoly Rights

Being an approved or authorized dealer, you may appreciate the outright monopoly benefits in a particular range which you might be focusing on. You would likewise be relied upon to have full freedom of choosing the stock which would be promoted and in addition focused in your focused on locale.

Get hooked up with Orange Biotech to avail the aforementioned benefits easily. Be a leading Pharma Franchise Company by simply connecting with us!

Pharma Franchise

With a critical ascent in the quantities of pharma organizations in various parts of India, it is getting somewhat troublesome for individuals who are hoping to get an establishment of such organizations. Choosing the one which can convey great outcomes and which can offer fantastic pharma items is truly muddled when you have various alternatives to look over.

Luckily, what you are exactly looking for, we are pleased to serve you with the same. We at Orange Biotech can help you in such manner by giving you various great and solid choices to hook up with us. Orange Biotech stands for a PCD Pharma Company that offers a great support to the individuals who want to be the sole seller of the products of a specific brand and who want to get pharma franchise.

Right from our beginning, we are highly dedicated to providing a leading platform for our customers to reach out to their customers easily. We serve Pharma companies with the genuine distributors who have a great potential to provide you the best supplies. Along with this, we also support distributors to find high-quality manufactured medicines and drugs to serve the mankind.

Over years of dedication in this industry, Orange Biotech has become a renowned name that provides PCD Pharma services in various states of India such as Assam, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir, Jharkhand, Kerala and more. It is found that with every passing time, the Pharma business will going to rise and bring great returns.

For further details, feel free to connect with us! We are always available to serve you with expert services. Browse our website now and invest with us!

Pharma Franchise

Choosing a good Pharma Franchise Company is one of the daunting tasks faced by many individuals and companies who want to be the part of such organization. Starting a career in this industry with the new and innovative concept is really necessary to ensure the best future of your business. Therefore, one should be very much perfect and a brilliant observer to look for a good pharmaceutical company.

These days, there are numerous companies that offer great deals and offers to attract the users among them. However, there are various other parameters besides a good name and brand recognition to judge a Pharma Franchise company that caters to your needs. Here, following are some of the best and useful tips that will help you select a renowned PCD Pharma Company.

Look For The History Of The Company

When choosing a reliable company, it is a major aspect to know about the history of the Pharma Franchise company. Medicines are a subtle topic that possesses various laws and regulations which are necessary to comply. To gather the necessary information, check out the online reviews of the company. Even, it is very important for you to know that the PCD Pharma company you’re choosing is not under any kind of debt or illegal act.

Check The Certification And Approvals

A reputed pharma franchise company will always be certified with valid certifications and accreditations by the high association and organization. Check out their ISO accreditation, License No., WHO and others.

Quality & Availability Of The Products

When talking about pharmaceuticals, it is urgent to know the status of pharma items being offered by the PCD Pharma organization. Quality plays a vital role in this industry as it is the matter of a million lives. Everything can be compromised, however, a bad quality item cannot. Before going with any investment, ask for the samples to make sure that you get the best and also look for the packaging technology.

Required Investment

Each and every single person want to earn a profit and if the expectations are not met, your investment seems to be wasted. Whether you’re investing a small amount or huge balance, make sure that you’re investing in a right place. To go further, check out the investment proposals by various companies.

Other Benefits

Offers and deals are the musts. We all are always excited to know what a company is offering us in return for collaboration. Ask your Pharma Franchise company what are exceptional offers they are giving to you else with your orders such as bags, diaries, calendars, bonus, gift cards, and more.

The aforementioned points will help you choose a reliable, efficient and reputed Pharma Franchise company to tie up and enhance your business easily. Look for each point carefully to raise your Pharma business.

Pharma Franchise

In the pharmaceutical industry, everyone is looking for the effective approaches to get more and more clients in order to give their business a hit. Convincing the customers to choose you over a number of available options, where everyone is committed to delivering exceptional services, can be a little difficult. Therefore, one should be very focused towards their business promotion and take measurable steps to avoid any mishappening.

Here, we are going to discuss the best and new techniques to attract PCD Pharma Distributors easily. Get down with the following measures to take your pharma business to a new level of success:

  • Medical Representative Support: Asking support from the medical representative could be a great idea and offers several advantages to a company to promote their products effectively. However, it doesn’t mean that your representative will search customers for you. Make sure that the representative you appoint should be for distributors areas who take care of his activities solely. With such an option, the big distributors get easily attracted where they do not require any special training to promote the services.


  • Social Media: In the recent era, social media is the best and powerful platform for promoting business and brands as millions of individuals are connected to these. There are a number of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Slideshare, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more, from where you can reach your targeted audience easily. Most of these platforms have the facility of sponsored post where you can pay for advertising. Nowadays, even, there are many doctors who are interested in buying a Pharma Franchise. With social media, you can reach them hassle free and can generate more sales.


  • Blogging: The blog is the best way and very much capable of marking.  Composing a blog and adding up on a web-based social networking platform can help generate the trustworthy response among customers or distributors. It is also a reliable strategy if followed in a right manner. Blogging has provided the efficient information to the customers for what they are looking for, so if you meet their needs, they will trust you and your company.

These aforementioned tips are highly beneficial in attracting distributors across the country. Follow these tips with a proper planning to reach your desired goal.
If searching for a PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India, get in touch with Orange Biotech today. We are the most prominent Pharma companies dedicated to offering the best franchise services at affordable prices.

Pharma Franchise

As they say, it’s never too late! If you want to own a self-operated business, the best time to start is now! With the number of nuclear families exponentially increasing in India, many people are thinking of being their own boss so that they can manage their work and family in their own style. However, the thought of lacking in resources, having insufficient financial support and lack of experience makes many of them step back.

For all those who are thinking this way, there is some good news! The market offers numerous options to those who want to own a home based business. One such option is the PCD pharma business. A pharma franchise company is the one that owns rights of a pharmaceuticals manufacturing company to distribute and sell its products in a particular area. It is just like a drug manufacturing company is giving you the responsibility to market their products (of your choice!) in your own way.

Here are a few reasons why a PCD pharma franchise business is a lucrative option for new entrepreneurs:

It is a low-cost franchise business. You don’t need a huge financial backup for the startup.
You don’t require a degree in the pharmaceuticals or biotechnology field for this business.
You neither need a corporate office space nor high-tech infrastructure for your staff.
All that you need is a team with good marketing skills. With time, you will get better at it.

Read on to know more about where to start from:

Initial research

One of the prime factors on which the success of your pharma franchise business depends is exploring the markets. This will provide you vital information like

  • which pharma company is a trusted brand among the consumers
  • which products are in great demand in markets
  • which markets have great demand and less supply for a particular class of medicinal products
  • which markets offer less competition and more opportunities


It is very important to choose the right brand, products, and market.

Basic requirements

For a good start up, you need a team of skillful and enthusiastic marketers who are ready to give their best shot. They would need to look for the government hospitals, private clinics, and distributors in the market that they are targeting. While some companies provide promotional materials and gifts to franchises if not, the franchise company will have to get their own.

Another important thing to obtain is a license for a supplier. Based on the rules set by the state government of the region, a license is obtained for supply and distribution of drugs. As a franchise company, you must only follow the ethical ways of marketing as the government has an eye on the unethical drugs suppliers in the market.

Besides, a PCD pharma franchise company should also possess a warehouse with controlled temperature and humidity and efficient space for the storage of drugs before they are supplied to the seller or the medical organization.

If you are ready with all this, contact us at Orange Biotech today!

Pharma Franchise


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